Cricket Equipment Overview

Cricket Equipment Overview



When we decided to stock our own brand discounted cricket equipment in our retail outlet in Kingsfold, alongside those of Gray Nicholls, Gunn and Moore and Kookaburra we set ourselves a number of critical criteria in setting out to find a supplier. These were:
    • Bats made from Grade A quality willow 
    • Consistent top-notch specification across adult and junior bat ranges 
    • Excellent Soft goods and accessories
    • A committed and quality concious supplier providing personal and prompt service

Our international search led us to India, and after extensive research and site visits we formed a relationship with Pioneer International - a family run business specialising in the manufacture and supply of a full range of cricket goods and accessories. This company rose above its competition due to its highly developed and professional quality control systems, ensuring our goods are of the utmost design and build specification. Because we are a small company with low overheads we are able to source goods from our supplier direct, with no middle-men, and pass on the subsequent savings to you, our customers.

We buy in bulk and achieve volume discounts, allowing us to undercut much of the marketplace competition. We appreciate that we are a relatively new and unknown brand, as as such there may be some of you out there that are nervous of our quality claims. Because of this we are prepared to give you our products to trial (our demonstrator range). For more information on this contact us.


Having discussed kit supply with our customers it quickly becamse apparent that for clubs, schools, leagues and universities one of the biggest financial headaches was finding the budget for match balls. This procurement exercise absorbed much of the year on year income these organisations had. So we took this issue to India and identified a supplier capable of delivering superb, hand stitched 4-piece balls of match quality, at a fraction of the price normally associated with this standard of ball. Most suppliers will guarantee their balls to 25 or maybe 30 overs. We guarantee ours to 60 Overs! We supply balls in Adult, Ladies and Youth sizes.

We are happy to send you samples if you represent a cricketing organisation so that you can see for yourself the quality of the balls.

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