Professional Services Overview

Professional Services Overview



We would like to give you a feel for the range of services we provide.
Cricket Coaching
Whilst we have standard sessions in our portfolio we acknowledge that often coaching must be specifically tailored to a players needs. With this in mind we are always prepared to discuss your requirements and tailor courses specifically for maximum results.
The attributes required of a cricketer can be categorised into the following: technical, tactical, physical, mental and lifestyle. What do these categories encompass?
Technical - the development of cricket specific techniques in batting bowling and fielding
Tactical - the ability to understand the match scernario and adapt both ones own game and that of the team to achieve results
Physical - the physical qualities required for the game - Agility, Balance, Coordination, Speed, Power, Endurance
Mental - the psychology of the game - control, confidence, concentration
Lifestyle - diet, rest, life outside of cricket
All of our courses are developed to address these qualities and enhance them appropriately.
Group Coaching
Courses are designed to introduce groups of 5 - 20 children from all age groups to the physical and technical aspects of the game. Sessions introduce the concept of warm ups, technical masterclasses and net practice. All sessions include fun games and lots of exercise! Typically group sessions would last 1 - 2 hours depending on the numbers involved.
Group coaching sessions can be specifically targeted at physical attributes such as agility, balance, speed and coordination skills.
We can provide group sessions devoted to tactical awareness of the game and even deliver classroom courses on this and the laws of the game!
One to One Coaching
Courses are designed to address individual players needs and can be targeted at improving specific technical elements of a players performance. Often one to one technical coaching courses are bespoke and quoted for based on the specific requirements. One to one coaching sessions will introduce the use of bowling machines to facilitate focused practice as required.
We specialise in technical video analysis and are happy to provide this service and a subsequent debriefing interview should this be required.
One to one sessions can also be targeted at the physical attributes of agility balance speed and coordination development.
We are pleased to recommend Dorking Pysiotherapists, specialists in spinal and sports injuries. Serving Surrey and West Sussex, and located in Dorking, Redhill and Crawley, this team of highly skilled and experienced physios are able to assess and treat a wide variety of injuries. To learn more about them go to, or alternatively email Sam at
We also recommend Horsham Osteopaths who have been established in Horsham since 1990. The practice consists of Alexander Milne and Henry Lee. They are both registered, qualified osteopaths with 30 years experience between them. To learn more about them go to
Fitness and Conditioning
For group training, personal training and fitness and conditioning planning contact Jason Geldenhuys. Jason is a sports scientist and author of various articles, lecturer to major health companies and sports conditioning coach to many sports teams and individuals.                                               

Jason joined the fitness industry in 1998 and has never looked back, priding himself in quick and effective results. One of his biggest breakthroughs has been his 6 Week Body Transformation Program. It is scientifically proven, endorsed by elite trainers and fitness magazines, and used by men and women for burning fat and improving health and energy levels at the same time. Visit his blog ( ) to read some of his article or contact him via email at


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Speed and agility work


If the standard coaching packages we offer do not quite fit your specific requirements we can discuss your detailed needs in order to quote a price.

Please email us at for a free estimate or for more details.

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